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Getting started

How do I setup my Hackaball?

Please follow our step by step guide:

  1. Download the app from the App store

  2. Turn the ball on

  3. Tap the circular Connection icon in the top right corner (circle)

  4. Ball name will appear - tap to connect to ball


  5. Ball will then go into white LED looping

  6. The App will tell the user to shake the ball

  7. Once the ball is shaken the ball will make a sound and turn green.

  8. App will inform user that the firmware update is ready

  9. Tap to confirm firmware update (the app will advise user to connect ball to power if it’s not already connected)

  10. The ball then goes into white LED looping as the firmware update progresses.

  11. Once complete the app will advise the user to write the Firmware to the ball. Once confirmed by tapping “Yes”, the ball will power off and on again.

  12. The user will then need to connect the ball again via steps 3-6

  13. User can now create and play games

How do I update the firmware?

We advise our customers to allow the update of firmware to install without minimising or navigating away from the app, if this happens the firmware update will fail and you will need to refresh the upload and update the firmware from the beginning.

Firmware update

How do I create a game?

How can I share a game I’ve created with someone else?

You will need to have your email set up in Apple’s Mail application in order to share the game. Unfortunately the Hackaball app is not able to pick up third party email applications eg. Gmail to send the email.

Games are stored automatically when they are played and the last game played on the device will remain.

In order to play a game without a connected device, please shake the ball after you turned it on.


Can I change the name of my Hackaball?

Yes, in the connection view you can tap on the connected ball name at the top of the view which opens the name editor.

Tag us on Twitter and Instagram @Hackaball with the hashtag #Hackaball to let us know what you named your Hackaball.

How do I adjust the volume?

You can adjust the volume of the Hackaball via the settings application.


How do I charge my Hackaball?

Hackaball comes with a USB cable for charging.

How do I know when my Hackaball is charged?

The ball will be a solid green colour when it’s fully charged.

Programming Hackaball

Where can I see the time elapsed since the ‘start stopwatch’ action was triggered?

Make sure that the ‘stop stopwatch’ in your game is placed after the ‘start stopwatch’. Once the ‘stop stopwatch’ rule becomes active the time value will be shown. This time value will stop as soon as the movement or time condition of the rule is triggered. To try out the stopwatch you can create the following game:


How is movement detected on Hackaball and how are the movements related?

We’ve defined a throw as a strong impulse followed by a drop, or a strong impulse in one direction for at least half a second. The first throw is a hooped throw, the second a straight throw.

If you put a throw and a drop next to each other there are two options:

  1. Your throw is a direct throw: the throw rule will be triggered but not the drop.
  2. Your throw is a hooped throw: either action (throw, drop) can be triggered.

A drop can be triggered without a throw if you drop the ball straight down.

Many throws have a spin on them. If throw and spin are placed next to each other, then either rule may be triggered during a throw with a spin on it.

Throws are often followed by a hit. If you put both actions on a level and your throw is very short then either action could be triggered.

Still is when the ball doesn’t move.

Hit is when the ball has impact against another object.

Shaken is when the ball is shaken back and forth.

What does the countdown function do on Hackaball?

Countdown is a timer that counts down from the number of seconds that you’ve chosen. Great hacking tip from one of our kid testers: if you sequence countdown rules then you can achieve higher values than we’ve included as options.

How is the last level different from the other levels and how can I let my game restart automatically?

If you have two actions on the last level without an end rule these rules will continue to run until you stop the game. You can let the game restart automatically by putting an ending with a restart on the rule. This is not limited to the last level, a restart option can be added on any rule in the game.



How will you ship Hackaball? Will I be charged additional tax, customs or duty charges?

We plan to ship Hackaball from warehouses in Philadelphia and London.
For US backers, Hackaball will be shipped from Philadelphia. Only backers in New York may be charged additional sales tax.
For UK backers, Hackaball will be shipped from London. You will not have to pay additional VAT, customs or duty charges to receive Hackaball.
For international backers, Hackaball will be shipped from London. We will ship Hackaball worldwide, with the exception of Cuba, Myanmar/Burma, Iran, Sudan, Syria, and Russia. Please note that you may be responsible for duties, fees and taxes applicable to your region.

Technical support

I’m having technical problems with my Hackaball

In order for Hackaball to work efficiently please upgrade to the latest version of the app and the latest OS available to your Apple device.

If the problem still occurs please email and let the Hackaball team know what problems you are experiencing, in addition to what version of iOS or MacOS you are using.

To find the version of iOS you’re using, go to Settings > General > About from where you will see the version number, as below.

Ios version

Alternatively, to find your macOS version, refer to the following screenshots.

About this mac1 About this mac2

Does Hackaball need to always be paired with the app?

We’ve made Hackaball so that it can store a game. Kids can create inside then go play with Hackaball outside without the need of a constantly paired device.

General information

Are you making an Android app?

Our focus is currently on delivering and improving the iOS app for our Kickstarter backers. We’re excited to hear your feedback on what features we should be working on next. If you think it should be an Android version of the app please tell us at!

If you want to stay up to date about any future releases or want to buy a ball in our next production batch please sign up to our mailing list.

Does Hackaball need to always be paired with the app?

We’ve made Hackaball so that it can store a game. Kids can create inside then go play with Hackaball outside without the need of a constantly paired device.

Will the app be made in other languages?

We’re looking into supporting more languages. However, we’ve designed the app to be very visual and not rely on text. We’ve tested our designs with kids and those that had difficulty reading could still understand how to play through our animated icons. That’s one of the benefits of our more visual programming interface.

Is Hackaball waterproof?

Hackaball is splash proof as the jacket and pod keep the computer safe. But we wouldn’t recommend playing with it in the bath (sorry rubber ducky!).

How do I clean my Hackaball?

You can use disinfectant wipes to clean the outer case of the Hackaball whilst patting it dry with a microfibre cloth.

Refrain from using a damp cloth or getting the device wet, as Hackaball is splashproof but not waterproof.

Can I order Hackaball?

Unfortunately, Hackaball is not available for purchase as we have completely sold out of our first production run.

We will message our backers and customers when a next version will be available.

You can also sign up to our mailing list for any future announcements.

I am interested in Hackaball for my school – what do I do?

We’re so happy to hear that you are considering Hackaball for your school! We’re currently running trials with schools.

If you want your school to be considered for future trials please do not hesitate to contact us on

Will there be a Hackaball API?

We’re excited to hear your feedback on what features we should be working on next. If you are interested in developing your own software for Hackaball please tell us more at!

Please sign up to our mailing list in the meantime to stay up to date about any future releases or want to buy a ball in our next production batch.