“hackaball gives kids the power
to program and
takes coding outside”

“a toy for the 21st century…
the attention to design is of
 a rare level of sophistication”

“delightfully simple
and ingenious”

“a groundbreaking toy that kids can program”

“a toy ball that teaches kids to code
…speaks to a desire for gadgets that don’t confine us to a desk or screen”

“even young children
can use it to create games”

kids playing with hackaball

"The fact that this toy promotes conversation and activity rather than staring passively at a screen is another big win in my opinion."

jane austin, parent
hackaball parts from top
hackaball lined up

“With Hackaball, every step of the programming cycle can be experience first hand - plan, build, test, debug, refine - with instant results… it’s really motivating”

claire copeland, senior lecturer in education, london southbank university
hackaball box hands
hackaball app icon

Hackaball works with the free app for iPhone, iPad and Mac OS